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Needing to know the finer points of Holmes Terry!

From 1963 – 1990 the Late BASIL DAVID operated various Companies from 65 High Street.

HOLMES TERRY & CO. LTD., named after a Mr. Holmes & Mr. Terry, was originally a Textiles Company. Each floor of the Building (Basil Chambers) had a different Department e.g. 1st Floor Towels & Sheeting, 2nd Floor Hosiery & Underwear, 3rd Floor Shoes & Outerwear , 4th Floor Clothing, 5th Floor Canteen & 6th Floor Building/General Repairs etc, whilst the Basement was the Packing area.

The Textiles ‘operation’ was Sold in the late 60’s whilst Mr. Basil David retained the Company Eyer & Johnston Ltd which was an Oriental and Indian Rug Importer and then started Importing Knitwear under the name of Holmes Terry & Co. Ltd.

In May 1975 Jo-Y-Jo Ltd was formed by Mr. Stanley Fosbury & Mr. Basil David, which successfully traded from the Building.

After having completed a Business Course, Mr. Gerald David worked with Mr. Basil David from 1971 and also worked with Mr. Stanley Fosbury in Jo-Y-Jo Ltd until he left the Company in 2003.

As a result of Mr. Gerald David no longer being involved in Jo-Y-Jo Ltd, he decided upon Jo-Y-Jo Ltd’s decision to vacate the Building Best replica watches online  he would initiate a full Internal Refurbishment of the 1st – 6th Floors. This was completed in Mid 2006.

Mr. Gerald David has always worked closely with Prospective & Existing tenants in striving to offer a personal service that ensures that Tenant’s needs are met wherever practically possible

We offer a ‘HANDS ON APPROACH‘ to ALL matters regarding to both Basil Chambers & The Landmark, with easy access to the Building’s Manager MrBRETT SADLER (on site) and to myself (Gerald David) should Tenant’s wish to discuss anything on a daily basis. It is this working relationship that has formed the close bond that we have with ALL Tenants.